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(HPLC Training & e-Learning modules)
CLC-401, 402 & 403   -  CD-based training
WLC-401, 402 & 403   -  e-Learning on-line

Interactive, self-paced modules full of fresh colorful graphics, animations and simulations. Licenses range from short-term to permanent, and single computer (PC or Mac) or multi-user network (LAN or intranet). Save hours of frustration and needless service calls by identifying and solving HPLC problems yourself!

Introduction to HPLC Troubleshooting, WLC-401 online and CLC-401 on CD: Covers typical situations encountered by HPLC users, such as blockages, leaks, component malfunctions, baseline/peak distortions, extra/negative peaks, retention time/sensitivity problems, and preventive maintenance/repairs. Includes quiz, glossary and bibliography.
HPLC Troubleshooting Expert System, WLC-402 online and CLC-402 on CD: Decision-tree based process that leads the user from the symptoms to the probable cause and recommended action for common HPLC malfunctions.
HPLC Troubleshooting - Intro & Expert System, WLC-403 online and CLC-403 on CD: Combines and integrates all the content of 401 and 402 by linking from the Expert System back to the teaching program to help promote learning and comprehension.

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