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Benefits of e-Learning

Electronic training has the highest cost-benefit ratio when all the relevant factors are considered. The benefits of Savant's e-learning programs include:

For the trainee/student    For the trainer/administrator
•  Most convenient form of learning – self-paced & repeatable   •  Higher and quicker ROI (return on investment)
•  Faster learning, with better retention   •  Standardized training across all geographic locations and time periods
•  Measurable results   •  Lower drop-out rates
• "Just-In-Time" learning - accessible on your computer at any time   •  Facility to track employee/student performance (and provide paper trails for compliance audits)
•  Ability to satisfy the needs of different learning styles   Capacity to reach any number of employees or students, simultaneously or otherwise
•  Continuous availability for on-demand learning and ad hoc reference   •  Course customization - instructors & administrators can add own content
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