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Safety Management                 
       CD-based interactive training programs, videotapes and DVDs                          

It is essential to establish and manage a good Safety Training program as much as it is to implement implement it. Providing employees and students with safety and regulatory compliance training is more challenging than ever. Taking groups of them away from their jobs or classes, all at the same time, can be very difficult. But these CDs from Academy Savant will solve these problems. Safety training is available on demand… at any time… and each trainee's own pace.

Safety Management Using a powerful combination of audio, full-motion video, text and colorful graphics, each course is divided into a number of logical sections so that the information is both easily understood and retained. Each CD takes about 45 minutes to complete (depending on the trainee).

The software platform enables trainers, managers, professors and administrators to establish log-in procedures, define the curriculum, set up tests and generate progress reports.

Safety Attitudes (Introduction to Safety) CMGS-103
First Aid CMGS-102
Site Safety and Health Plan Aid CHZP-116
The ANSI Material Safety Data Sheet CMGS-106
Safety Housekeeping & Accident Prevention CMGS-107
Chemical Hygiene DGSL-10
Model Chemical Hygiene Plan for Labs CHPL-10
Model Exposure Control Plan for Labs ECPL-10
Safety Audits CMGS-108
Emergency Planning CMRC-116
Workplace Practices and Engineering Controls CMGS-137
"Right-to-Know" for Industrial Facilities CMRC-101
"Right-to-Know" for Auto Service Facilities CMRC-106
"Right-to-Know" for Building & Construction Industry CMRC-107
"Right-to-Know" for Healthcare Facilities CMRC-108
"Right-to-Know" for Cleaning & Maint Operations CMRC-109
"Right-to-Know" for the Hospitality Industry CMRC-110
"Right-to-Know" for the Food Retailing Industry CMRC-137
Accident Investigation CMGS-129
Hazmat Investigation DEHZ-114
Fire Investigation DEHZ-115
OSHA Recordkeeping for Managers and Supervisors CMRC-127
OSHA Recordkeeping for Employees CMRC-128
Dealing with the Media in Emergency Situations CMGS-138
Preventing Workplace Violence CMGS-122
Workplace Harassment in Industrial Facilities CMGS-142
Workplace Harassment in the Office CMGS-143
Preventing Sexual Harassment for Employees CMRC-132
Preventing Sexual Harassment for Managers CMRC-133
Handling a Sexual Harassment Investigation CMRC-134
Dealing with Drug/Alcohol Abuse for Employees CMRC-135
Dealing with Drug/Alcohol Abuse for Managers CMRC-136








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