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NewSafety Training for the Laboratory
CMLS-101 through 112        LST-101 through 112
       Interactive CD-based courses              Training videos on DVD

A series of 12 training programs that explain how to establish safety procedures that conform to OSHA regulations. Available either as interactive CDs or movies on DVD, each program is packaged in a durable Savant binder, with a Presenter's Guide, Tips on Conducting a Training Session, Program Outline, Attendance Form and Quiz.

Orientation to Laboratory SafetySafety Eye-wash
Eye protection, fire evacuation protocol, lab coats, the Chemical Hygiene Plan, MSDSs and more - employees can feel overwhelmed with laboratory safety considerations. This program covers the most important safety issues that both new employees and "seasoned veterans" face in the laboratory.
Interactive Program: CMLS-101
DVD movie: LST-101

Safety Showers and Eyewashes
Knowing the proper procedures can prevent serious injury, or even save a life. The correct use of eyewash stations and safety showers are covered in this program.
Interactive Program: CMLS-102
DVD movie: LST-102

Flammables and Explosives Fire in Lab
Among the most dangerous materials used in a laboratory are flammables and explosives. This program reviews proper handling procedures as well as the personal protective equipment that should be used when working with flammables and explosives.
Interactive Program: CMLS-103
DVD movie: LST-103

The OSHA Formaldehyde Standard
Formaldehyde is used in many laboratory operations. This program covers training required by the OSHA Formaldehyde Standard including safe work practices, personal protective equipment, spill/clean-up procedures, medical surveillance programs and more.
Interactive Program: CMLS-104
DVD movie: LST-104GFCI

Electrical Safety in the Laboratory
To work safely with electrically powered equipment, employees need to know how electricity works and the dangers it holds. Principles of electrical energy, fuses, short circuits, "Lock-Out/Tag-Out", instrument repair and more are covered in this program.
Interactive Program: CMLS-105
DVD movie: LST-105

Laboratory Ergonomics
Many activities in the laboratory can exert stress and strain on muscles and joints…ultimately causing significant injuries. Ergonomic considerations such as
working at a bench or hood, using a computer terminal,
positioning compressed gas cylinders and safe lifting
techniques are all addressed in this program.MSDS
Interactive Program: CMLS-106
DVD movie: LST-106

Material Safety Data Sheets
All potentially hazardous materials entering a laboratory have MSDS’s. But to make good use of this information employees need to understand the MSDS and what is in it. This program reviews the various sections of the MSDS, what information can be found in each section and most importantly, how this information can help employees as they go about their work.
Interactive Program: CMLS-107
DVD movie: LST-107

Laboratory Hoods Lab hood
When working with hazardous materials, laboratory and biohazard hoods can protect the experiment, the facility and, most importantly, the employee. This program discusses when and why these hoods are used, as well as how to operate and maintain them for maximum effectiveness.
Interactive Program: CMLS-108
DVD movie: LST-108

Preventing Contamination
One of the major concerns in all laboratories is
controlling contamination. This program shows how
contamination occurs and reviews the steps that can
be taken to prevent its spread.
Interactive Program: CMLS-109
DVD movie: LST-109Lab

Safe Handling of Laboratory Glassware
Broken glassware is a major cause of laboratory accidents. Types of glassware used in the laboratory, configuring glassware systems, making proper connections, handling techniques and cleaning/ decontamination are all covered in this program.
Interactive Program: CMLS-110
DVD movie: LST-110

Planning for Laboratory Emergencies
A caustic acid hose has just erupted…an experiment has produced unexpected, violent reactions…what should employees do to deal with these and other
emergency situations? This program covers when and how Gas Cylinder
employees should act in an emergency to prevent injury, property damage or even loss of life.
Interactive Program: CMLS-111
DVD movie: LST-111

Handling Compressed Gas Cylinders
The energy possessed by a compressed gas cylinder can make it a virtual missile, if not handled carefully. Positioning cylinders properly, storage incompatibilities, fittings & connections are some of the topics covered in this program.
Interactive Program: CMLS-112
DVD movie: LST-112

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