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Workplace Safety
Interactive CDs, DVDs and online training

These courses have been created specifically to assist facilities in fulfilling the requirements for complying with OSHA and DOT regulations. These training programs provide information on how to ensure that you have a safe workplace.

Safety Eye-wash Using a powerful combination of audio, full-motion video, text and colorful graphics, each course is divided into a number of logical sections so that the information is both easily understood and retained. Each CD takes about 45 minutes to complete (depending on the trainee).

The software platform enables trainers, managers, professors and administrators to establish log-in procedures, define the curriculum, set up tests and generate progress reports.

Lock-Out/Tag-Out CMRC-111 Interactive CD
Electrical Safety CMGS-112 Interactive CD
Fire Extinguishers CHZP-118 Interactive CD
Fire-fighting Foam DEHZ-116 DVD movie
Industrial Fire Prevention CMGS-136 Interactive CD
Fire Prevention in the Office CMGS-140 Interactive CD
Fire Prevention in Healthcare Facilities CMGS-139 Interactive CD
Hazardous Materials Labels CMGS-134 Interactive CD
Materials Handling Safety CMGS-118 Interactive CD
Lead Exposure in General Industry CMRC-103 Interactive CD
Handling Compressed Gas Cylinders CMGS-123 Interactive CD
Responding to Cylinder Emergencies DEHZ-122 DVD movie
Safety Showers and Eye Washes CMGS-113 Interactive CD
Hand and Power Tool Safety CMGS-119 Interactive CD
Welding Safety CMGS-124 Interactive CD
Ladder Safety CMGS-121 Interactive CD
Machine Guard Safety CMGS-130 Interactive CD
Computer Workstation Safety CMGS-135 Interactive CD
Confined Space Entry CMRC-117 Interactive CD
Driving Safety CMGS-115 Interactive CD
Forklift/Powered Trucks CMRC-124 Interactive CD
Rigging Safety CMGS-131 Interactive CD
Crane Safety CMGS-132 Interactive CD
Suspended Scaffolding CMRC-125 Interactive CD
Supported Scaffolding CMRC-126 Interactive CD
Workplace Stress CMGS-126 Interactive CD
Response to Illicit Drug Labs  DEHZ-118 DVD movie
The OSHA Laboratory Standard CMRC-104 Interactive CD
Winter Safety CMGS-141 Interactive CD
Fall Protection CMGS-114 Interactive CD
Office Safety CMGS-110 Interactive CD
Office Ergonomics CMGS-116 Interactive CD
Industrial Ergonomics CMGS-117 Interactive CD
Indoor Air Quality CMRC-105 Interactive CD
Air Monitoring - Contamination Assessment DEHZ-120 DVD movie
Air Monitoring - Direct Reading Instruments DEHZ-121 DVD movie
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